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Allergy Results Articles on Allergies and There Treatment Sat, 11 Sep 2010 03:48:49 +0000 en What Will A Shower Head Water Filter Remove From Your Tap Water? By Charles Samuel Installing a shower head water filter in your bathroom to remove contaminates from your water is a great way to improve the quality of your shower. With chemical free water your soap will be soapier, your hair will become softer and more manageable, and your skin will no ... Pollen Allergy: Should you live in the city or the countryside? To be able to provide up to date data and forecasting, the National Allergy Bureau has established a countrywide network of pollen counters equipped with air sampling equipment to capture airborne (pollen) allergens. The number of pollen grains are collected from the air samples, counted, recorded, and broadcast as an ... Natural Allergy Treatment: Find an Effective Method It may be a wise decision to supplement your allergy medication with a natural allergy treatment for those rare instances when over-the-counter medicines do not prove their effectivity. It is more prudent to do especially if your health plan excludes prescription coverage, since allergy relief medicines will certainly reduce the ... Milk Allergy Symptoms: It Pays to be Aware Water, protein, carbohydrates (also known as lactose), minerals, fats and other substances are the fundamental components that constitute milk. Sensitivity to milk takes place when our body reacts to the protein contents normally present in cow’s milk, casein and whey, treating them as foreign and harmful substances. Milk allergy symptoms ... Eye Allergy: The Real Score Studies reveal that approximately 27 million Americans suffer from one kind of eye allergy or another. Manifestations of eye allergy such as redness, inflammation and incessant protein production can be very frustrating and stressful which requires several consultations and visits to an eye doctor as these conditions may develop into ... Season Allergy: Deal with it and Live Happily Seasonal allergy sufferers always have the objectionable experience of putting up with their season allergy symptoms, more so this year because it is officially the worst allergy season ever. The situation has become so overwhelming because people who have never experienced any type of allergy reaction in the past have ... Sun Allergy: Signs and Symptoms Almost everybody exhibit some physical form of some sort due to sun allergy. Some have relatively minor symptomatic reactions like prickly heat whereas there are those who suffer from severe symptoms that can affect their way of life. There are people with extreme sensitivity who develop hives that can turn ... Eye Allergies: Some Basic Information One very common and widespread affliction of Americans are eye allergies; there are numerous and documented complaints of allergic effects that involve eyes. Severe eye allergies can be a very bothersome and extremely frustrating experience to go through as it calls for more than a few consultations and visits to ... Corn Allergy Management Tips One of the more difficult types of allergy to identify is corn allergy because of the similarity of the symptomatic signs of corn allergy to other food allergens, even if individual reactions significantly vary from one person to the next. When you are diagnosed to have this particular type of ... Allergy Testing: Demystifying Allergy Mysteries Generally speaking, each of us has a different and unique reaction to various allergy inducing substances. This necessitates the performance of allergy testing to isolate and identify specific substances to which an individual is allergic. Several testing methodologies like skin tests, elimination-type tests, and the radioallergosorbent tests (RAST) are widely ...